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  • Thermal Bars

Thermal Bars

$ 90.00

Brand new Thermal bars . A true T bar design that uses high quality Taiwanese 4130 Chromoly that has been thermal treated to a rockwell of 35. At this level you are approaching spring steel, which allows then flex but rebound into their original shape. These bars are strong very strong, design and made for the aggressive rider out there.. Comes with Thermal bar sticker kit to customize your bars the way you want.

Envy Thermal T-Bars are a standard steel scooter bar with a standard 1 1/4 inch outer diameter and a 1 1/8 inch inner diameter. Thermal T-Bars are steel bars without a slit that require were designed for use with SCS compression. Due to the fact that SCS bars do not have a slit and their standard outer diameter, they cannot be used with HIC, IHC, or ICS compression. The standard inner diameter allows you to use these scooter bars with any threadless 1 1/8" fork on the market. Steel scooter bars are heavier than aluminum scooter bars but are much stronger and can handle the stresses put on them by a pro rider landing big air tricks. Made by a high-end manufacturer like Envy Scooters, you can be sure you will be pleased with both the quality and price point of these scooter bars. 

  • Width 23.62"
  • Height 25.59"
  • Chromoly