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Raptor OS Talon SCS Clamp

$ 50.00

Raptor has created the next version of the Extruded SCS. The Talon’s tailored shape is designed for maximum strength and minimal weight. Raptor chose the forging process as it allows us to create a consistent wall thickness without wasting material and expensive machining. Oversized options can fit oversized bars or standard bars with a shim. The standard options fit only standard bars! Both sized clamps include 4x 6mm allen bolts, a shim (oversized version), compression bolt, and compresson washer. This clamp will rise up your bars 1.8".

Oversized version is compatable with Standard AND Oversized bars with NO slit. (standard bars need a shim)

  • Oversized Version Compatibility : 
    Standard (with a shim) and Oversized
  • Material: 
  • Aluminum
  • Height: 
  • Height Addition: 
  • Bolts: 
    6mm Bolts
  • Oversized Version Weight: 
    9 oz.