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  • Elyts Low Top Shoe - LAST PAIR -  SIZE 5
  • Elyts Low Top Shoe - LAST PAIR -  SIZE 5
  • Elyts Low Top Shoe - LAST PAIR -  SIZE 5

Elyts Low Top Shoe - LAST PAIR - SIZE 5

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Elyts Low Top Shoe Just in time for summer Elyts is releasing its first low top sneakers. Theses shoes belong to the Elyts Tantrum line which feature rubber outsoles conforming to DIN 90 and a shock absorbing EVA foam pad inside the soles. The foam insert is embedded into the sole which prevents the padding material from flattening out and is directing the impact towards the center of the heel to maintain its full shock absorbing function. Together with a high rebound PU insole they are responsible for creating Elyts’ trade mark shock absorption and comfort. The outsole itself was designed specifically for scooter needs and comes with a 5 mm thick sole with high rubber content for minimal abrasion and long lifetime while still allowing the rider to feel the deck. Mesh materials and ventilation holes provide air circulation to cool your feet. Great focus was put in the design of the heel area which comes with an articulated ankle shape to provide maximum heel support.

- EVA foam pads molded into footbed
- High rubber content for low wear (DIN 90)
- Articulated PU insole for additional impact protection
- Extensive padding in collar and tongue
- Mesh and perforated fabrics for air ventilation
- Articulated ankle shape for maximum heel support