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Rogue Ultrex Ring 2018

$ 21.00

Retail - $21 Per Ring

The Ultrex interchangable rings are the first of it's kind in scootering to give riders the option to interchange their urethane when need be. The Ultrex rings are available in the 89A Tyler Bonner Ripper series and 88A Gummy series, 6 clean color ways. The wedge shaped ring is designed for the 2 hub halves to tighten together concentricity to allow quick disassemble with a 4mm allen key.



Available in Gummy and Ripper formulas

Upgraded forged 7 series aluminum rings

New rounder PU shape for a smoother longer lasting ride

Weight | 7.3oz - .3lbs

***Rogue Ultrex 3 Piece Wheel Hub [PAIR] must be used to install these rings***